/gras / (say grahs)

1. any plant of the family Gramineae (or Poaceae), characterised by jointed stems, sheathing leaves, flower spikelets, and fruit consisting of a seedlike grain or caryopsis (true grasses).
2. herbage in general, or the plants on which grazing animals pasture, or which are cut and dried as hay.
3. Colloquial marijuana.
4. grass-covered ground; lawn.
5. pasture: half of the farm is grass; to put the animals to grass.
6. Bowls Colloquial the green.
7. (plural) stalks or sprays of grass: filled with dried grasses.
8. Mining the surface over a mine.
verb (t)
9. to cover with grass or turf: *there would not be enough room for a grassed playing area –messenger, 1991.
10. to feed with growing grass; pasture.
11. Football to bring down (an opposing player).
12. to lay on the grass, as for the purpose of bleaching.
verb (i)
13. to feed on growing grass; graze.
14. to produce grass.
15. at grass, Mining (of ore) stacked ready for shipment.
16. come off the grass, Colloquial (a request that someone be reasonable.)
17. grass a catch, Cricket to drop a catch.
18. let the grass grow under one's feet, to be lax in one's efforts; miss an opportunity.
19. out on the grass, Colloquial on strike.
20. put out to grass,
a. to withdraw (a racehorse) from racing, etc., due to old age.
b. Colloquial to retire (a person).
{Middle English gras, Old English græs, related to grow and green}
/gras / (say grahs) Colloquial

1. a police informer.
2. grass on, to inform on.
{rhyming slang grasshopper shopper (from shop def. 5)

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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